Social Responsibility

The Company, in order to comply with the regulations established in Article 31 bis, section 5, point 4 of the Penal Code, has created this channel for complaints.
This channel for complaints may be used both by the Company’s employees and its Providers, Customers or Users in order to ensure compliance with the law. Any conduct performed by persons linked to the Company may be the object of a complaint if such conduct could comprise a crime.

This complaint may be submitted anonymously, although it is preferable for the filer of the complaint to provide his/her data in order to investigate and follow up on the case.

In any event, the Company undertakes to:

1. Ensure the confidentiality of the personal data and comply with the regulations established in European General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679/EU of 27 April.

2. Complaints filed in good faith cannot be the subject of any type of retaliation by the Company.

This is without prejudice to the Company’s ability to take all corresponding legal measures against false complaints.